Monday, March 27, 2017

„KREF„ International Festival of Educational Movies 2017

Officially accredited by the
 -Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of Serbia and Ministry of culture, Serbia.
Author Vesela Bogdanovic, Macedonia
Zoran Ilic, Serbia

KREF is open for teachers from public and private Primary schools, kindergartens, secondary and vocational schools, boarding schools and Faculties. 

An application of movies to participate in KREF shall be sent not later than 25th May 2017. 

Three categories are available for the participation:


„LIPDUB- 6 minute movie„

Choose the topic from the UNESCO Global Goals for your promotional spot, chose your favorite song,  set the scene, create choreography, choose important messages and pack it in a good lipdub film. 
  • Lipdub films present a kind of musical promotional spots that look as if recorded in one sequence. They are made and designed for the purpose of promoting a whole school, to show the capacity of the school, premises and opportunities the school offers.
  • One of the characteristics of these films is that the camera records continuously (exceptionally, in three cadres most) a group of people or students performing coordinated and trained movements at the moment the camera focuses on them. It is recommended that not any group or individual shall stay in camera focus for more than 15-20 seconds.
  • There is no main character in the film, all the students and teachers are equally important, whole school.
The preparation of the video spot includes mutual cooperation of all the participants in the school.


The major characteristics of the film have to be recognized in it:
Spontaneity: There has to be a clear plan and opportunity to improvize at some moment if necessary.
Аuthenticity: All that appears, characters and situations must be real.
Participation: The participants should move their lips and show spontaneous movements when in the camera focus showing the attitude of sending a special message of the song.
Entertainment: The participants must enjoy the video and it must be seen in the spot.
Imagination: The scenes must be imaginative and original to support the Global Goals
An application of movies to participate in KREF shall be sent not later than 25th May 2017 at

The video must not be longer than 6 minutes


KREF “Minecraft ACTION 2017”


This is a great opportunity where the students, their teachers and parents, together with their children and friends can participate in a research and creation of an idea for urban restructuring of their native town.
Our idea is to open opportunities for giving solutions for the environmental changes which will benefit all. Children can be creators of their community.
The call is open to teams, consisting of at least two students, from a private or state primary school. Each team of students shall be coordinated by a teacher, expert associate, parent or trustee.
 The deadline for submitting an application is 25th May 2017.
What should a film include?

The final length of a video must be at least 4 and not more than 6 minutes. 

The content of the film should include the following elements:
1.    Introduction to the video – the research process of the group. An example: how and where the students are exploring, a visit to the building, location of the research, conversation with experts or inhabitants. Photos of the building or location, sketches, a setup or similar…
2. The recording of a group working on creation of a Minecraft game.
3.   At the end of the recording, there should be a virtual walking through the building, location, presented in the Minecraft game, the way you imagine the building, place to look like, and the purpose of it.

4.   It is allowed to include a recorded speech to be an explanation of the final vision.
You may choose the location in your surrounding or another place in your country.

The film should be posted on Youtube named:
„KREF Minecraft 2017, name of the mentor“
The description field, under the film, should include:
1.    Class and age of the students participating in the project.
2.   School, place, country.
3.   The name and surname of the mentor and his/her role, ( a teacher, parent or trustee)
4.   Detailed description of the design and presentation:
How and why the team has chosen that building or location. What and how did you research? How did you cooperate? What have you found? What kind of solution do you want to share in public? Write why it is important to do as well.
  • Name all active cooperates in the group.
  • The mentor of the group will send us the link of the film at
Use the video material that is your own property. 

The organizor shall keep the right to disqualify any application after its evaluation.
The organizer shall keep the right to post a film everywhere it is needed and useful for the purpose of promotion of the profession and organization.  


 „Completely different but with the same aim„
Let us learn ON THE FLOOR
and each school may be a favorite place for all children. 
Forget about the desks, blackboard and chairs in the classroom. Make a creative lesson on the floor.
The content of the film should present creative and innovative actions for the purpose of one teaching subject content, or about integration of two or more contents of regular curriculum and Global Goals included. 
Let’s show how unusual we can be when we intervene love, experience and creative skills we possess for the purpose of providing a creative and entertaining environment to be the stimulus for our students.
A film should be recorded in the current school year 2016/2017 and the deadline for submitting an application is 25th May 2017
It is allowed to include music in the background, but it must not cover the whole film. It is necessary to hear communication, giving instructions, cooperation among students. Avoid using photos, except for it is necessary.

You may include quiet background music during the editing as long as you find it necessary for shooting, but you should not cover the whole film, because we want to hear the communication and cooperation among students, as well as between the students and a teacher. Avoid using photos, unless you find it necessary.


The author of a film should obtain a written consent of the parents for recording and editing of a film on the places necessary to publish ideas for an educational film, like video channels, social networks and educational web pages.

At the beginning of the edited film it is necessary to mention:
The name of the primary school, place, class, name of the author-educator, subject content or included integrated content (without goals)

A film should be attached on 
YOUTUBE having AN OBLIGATORY NAME – For KREF 2017 – Completely different but with the same goal – the name of the author. 

The description field, under the film, during its posting on a YOUTUBE channel there should be written as follows:
1.    Subject content
2.    Class – students age group
3.    School, place, country
4.    Author of a film (first name the author, then others as associates if you wish)
5.    Goals – short description of what is to be seen in the film.
Then, the author sends a link of the film to the following e-mail address

- It is forbidden to include swearwords, graphic pictures, indecent or offensive photos or behavior, expressions of hate or abuse. Also, be sure not to violate any copywights of third persons or other rights (seal, privacy, etc.)
- The organizor shall keep the right to disqualify any application after its evaluation.
- The organizer shall keep the right to post a film on its promotional web site for the purposes of KREF promotion or through social networks and media.

The announcement of the winners will be in the middle of September 2017 at a International KREF Conference, Leskovac, Serbia
For further information please contact us at e-mail:

Author Vesela Bogdanovic, Macedonia
Zoran Ilic, Serbia